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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Young and Energetic Peeps of Your Life—Toddlers, Kids, and Teens!!

No matter what's the age of any kid or teen is, but shopping for them is quite complicated yet tricky. And it is going to be even deceivingly anxiety-ridden when you have to pick Christmas gifts for kids 2016. Because purchasing something for your own child is bit easy but getting some Christmas gifts for teens, toddlers, or kids of anyone else is seriously not a handy task.

However, there is one common thing between them, whenever you get some Christmas gifts for children or teenagers, they all get excited. So, don’t you worry!! And relax before you opt for purchasing Christmas gifts for girls or Christmas gifts for boys. We have done some incredible job on your behalf and gone upward down on the internet in search of some best Christmas gifts for boys and girls. And we bet, these picks will be loved by all the kids.

Here, we are going to list down Christmas gifts for kids in a way where you will find best options for toddlers to young kids to teenage girls to teen age boys.


These tiny adorable are bit easy to shop for. They like colors and sounds, but yes we have to stay extra careful while selecting gifts, as toys should be safe to play with. These small sweet potatoes (toddlers) don't show you tantrums whatever you give them and probably can stay happy with everything they get as a gift (wink!!).

Twist and Drill Set

This tool set will make them feel like Mr. Fix-It. This tool set has chunky nuts and bolts to create a car of their favorite color combo and battery-powered reversible drill. This will come in a storage cage, so they can take it with them whenever they want.

Christmas gifts for preschoolers
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $32.99

Smart Touch Play Space with Bright Beats

This activity toy can be the perfect Christmas gifts for kids 2016. It’s an enjoyable toy for kiddos and if they are newly upright citizens. Toddlers can play with the bar like piano to have some fun-time by playing music and can also learn games, oh wait!! There is a ball ramp too. What are you waiting for, get this one.

Christmas gifts for kids 2016
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $45.99

Her First Disney Princess Doll

These baby dolls can bring a bright smile to her beautiful face and she will look prettier. So without a second thought, pick this Christmas gift for kids who are beautiful and adorable like this Disney princesses.

Christmas gift for kids
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $18.98

Play Foam

Kids do like the toys which let them design their imaginations and this squishing foam will allow them to display their imagination to life. And once they are done with making something with these foams kids can simply squish it down to start over again and make some other thing. With mixing all the colors of foams children can make rainbow, as colors won’t get mixed when you mix the foam. Possibilities of playing with this one are endless!!

Christmas presents for kids
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $7.60 (Free Shipping)

Young Children

Kids between ages 5 to 10 are the ones who get most excited when receive gifts. Either it's their birthday or some holiday occasion they never mind taking gift, even if it isn't some special day but they wish to get some surprise. That's why we say that they adore gifts and get thrilled. There are plenty of options to select the right gift for them. We have listed some to give you some clear idea and choices to pick from.

Jumbo Minion Dave--He Talks!!

The craze for minions can't be dead as after every movie on minions we start waiting for the sequel. If you are choosing this Christmas gift for kids who like talking toys and also a fan of minion than what else can be better than this one.

Christmas gift for kids
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $51.99

Invent-A-Scent Perfume

From the early age most of the girls are into fashion, style, and get into things where they find out their own style and class. And this age also motivate them to invent something exception, so this Christmas gift for girls is as best as these girls are. With this products they can invent perfumes, isn't it exciting???

Christmas gift for girls
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $17.00

Graphic Water Bottles

Either you want to pick Christmas gift for boys or girls, these item will give you best option for both. These graphic bottles are interesting and looks unique as well as well designed. Pick the suitable image for kid you are selecting this item for. And surely he/she will like this a lot!!

Christmas gift for boys
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $14.99

Pencils that are Praiseworthy

At times, it's quite amazing when you choose something out of the box as Christmas gift for kids. Believe, this item is one of those that can boost the energy and confidence of a child who is going to get this pencil set as a Christmas gift.

Christmas gift for kids 2016
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $10.00

Teen girls

When it comes to surprise a teen with gift, it's trouble-free to write a check and call it a day. But, you and they will miss the excitement which you will see on her face while she unwrap the gifts. From fashion-forward products to gadgets to trending accessories, our picks will make even the pickiest teen smile.

Fashionable Nail Care Pen Type Electric Grinding Machine

Most of the girls love to do nail art and try to adorn their nails in the best way possible. Either she is college going girl or school, now-a-days it’s one of the best Christmas gifts for teens to make them surprise. And let them show their friends that they got something amazing as a gift from some loved one.

Christmas gifts for teens
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $8.47 **Sale**

Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This Christmas gifts for girls will allow her to unplug those wires from her phone that usually irritates her. And she will definitely feel great after having this piece in her gadgets collections. These wireless ear-buds will get connected to her Smartphone through Bluetooth, so she can enjoy her playlist without a hassle.

Christmas gifts for girls 2016
Price of this item is: $139.00

Iphone 7 Customized Cover

If the you are selecting the Christmas gift for teen who likes Disney characters, so this can be the best gift for her. She will accessorize her Iphone 7 in her favorite theme and the great part is that it can be customized too. And customized gifts are always special, so g ahead and buy this cover.

Merry Christmas gifts for girls
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $37.95

Pizza Lovers Gym Bag
Today’s girl can’t live without pizza and afterwards she knows how to hit gym and burn those calories which she got after having her favorite meal. So, while picking Christmas gifts for girls who have craze for both, gym and pizza, u should just go getting this one, instead run to get this for her

Best Christmas gifts for girls
Images Source:
Price of this item is: $28.00

Teen Boys

As we earlier mentioned that teen girls are difficult to deal with while picking gift, same goes for boys too. Boys are so crazy for new gadgets, so we also added that part in our list to make it look more appealing. We have curate a list of few items that will remain easy on your pocket and teen boys will definitely like and use them.

Backpack--it’s Elegant

Get this refresh and minimalist backpack as a Christmas gift for teens, as this bag has enough room for stashing books. And it also had zipper pocket where guys can put their wallets and keys too.

Christmas gift for teens
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $55

Mouse that can Excites Him

Teen doesn’t love to go along with boring things at all, and they certainly don't like to us that black or grey boring mouse to do their homework. It's the best chance to pick this graphic print mouse as a Christmas gift for boys. This mouse is available in 14 different prints and its wireless. It can be easily used from 33 feet away from the computer.

Christmas gift for boys 2016
Image Source:
 Price of this item is: $15.00

Battery Aid

This gift also comes in the list of those baseball bat gifts, which will eventually benefit your teen and you too. It's easy to charge and once it's properly charged than he can bring it anywhere and won't lose the battery of phone as this battery power will make his phone charged everywhere he goes.

Best Christmas gift for boys
Image Source:
Price of this item is: $60.00

Final Words

These picks and all the other amazing Christmas gifts we have listed in our different blogs can make this holiday shopping season the easiest one for you. Our list for Christmas gifts covered everyone from family to friends to special ones. We really hope that you got some awesome presents that made your hassle of shopping bit easier and simpler. Have a blessed holiday shopping for yourself, friends and family, Chaos!!


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